Charter & Management

At Glamco, we understand that our clients’ travel demands can change at a moment’s notice.  

Running late?  We’ll wait.  Require additional stops on your journey?  No problem.  Need multiple aircraft?  Done.  Trying to impress a client?  We’ll organise the meal.

We offer flexible access to world-class private jets with no restrictions, no long-term commitments and no minimum number of hours.  

We have unique market experience in chartering, managing and brokerage of corporate jets and turbine-engine helicopters.    A dedicated 24-hour charter department provides customers with immediate solutions to requirements, and a private manager will work closely with you to understand your personal travel requirements and to plan and manage every aspect of your trip.  

We have an unrivalled reputation for aircraft management due to our impartial advice on the real costs of owning and operating a wide variety of aircraft types, combined with our intimate understanding of clients’ financial objectives.

We understand that clients need choice and flexibility.  That’s why the aircraft that we offer for charter aren’t restricted to commercial routes and are able to access hundreds of airports not normally serviced by regular, scheduled airlines.  

Choose your own destinations and fly in a private jet of your choice.  Luxury, privacy and security are all part of the service as is the choice of aircraft we offer whether helicopter, private jet or VIP airliner.